SD Tools 3.5

Source:Veluscek Ales

SD Tools - Info and Benchmark tools.

With SD Tools you can check your microSD card information (Name, Date, MID, OEMID, ...). You can check if your card is fake. (Check serial number and MID and OEMID).

You can also benchmark sd card writing and reading speeds.

You can also submit results and information to internet. In future there will be results. (As soon I got enough results).

Please write to me sreenshot if there are some problems.

Does not shows Card Info On Galaxy S, but you can check speed of external sd Card.

Please write to me, if you got suggestions, or problem report. I can not reply you to comment. And I can't fix problems if I got no feedback. If SD Tools can not test external card, please let me know.

Known bugs:
- Doesn't show sd card info on some phones.
- Does not work with some Motorola phones. (Don't download)

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